This is my first post on here. So happy to have found this site. This is my H's second marriage and mine as well. We are both in our 40s. He has been a single dad most of his life so his mother had always played a very active role, which I completely understand. All our kids are adults but the MIL seems to think I've never cooked a meal, done a load of laundry or grown a plant in my life. Makes me wonder how she thinks I functioned before. She is a chronic liar and gossiper. Drives me insane to be around her so I limit my time. My H works away a lot so that leaves me to contend with her on my own. He knows what she is like and has no issue speaking up for me when he hears her say certain things or treat me unfairly. My game plan lately has been to detach but it makes it so hard when she drops by unannounced when I have friends over. (has to get something to gossip about as she never likes our friends) I'm just really looking for support from women who know what I mean. She cannot let go of being the primary woman in my husbands life and views me as competition. It's heartbreaking that a mom can be that way but it's reality. I'm so sick of the insults, the snide put-downs and the constant invasiveness in my life. Please tell me I'm not going insane. lol