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ok. this is my 1st post here. i got along gr8 with my MIL in the beginning, but then her true, bat sh*t crazy personality came thru. i haven't done anything so terrible to her to make her act like i'm invisible. she purposely talks to everybody at the dinner table except me. one time i was walking up our driveway and saw her and know she saw me. well, she made a face, mouthed something, then turned around and started walking up the driveway to avoid me. i wasn't trying to catch up to her, but i did. so i said hi. then she turned around, looked at me like she wasn't gonna say anything. then in a sh**ty voice she was like "where have you been". another feel good story was when I was just starting my business and needed to check my phone messages. MIL knew I was home, so she kept calling and calling. and every time she called, she cut off my listening to my msg. i gave up, got undressed, then didn't the crazy lady come into my house unannounced, came upstairs as I was coming out of the bathroom, and effen saw me naked. WTF! that was the last straw. then a few days later, we got into a verbal argument. she denied seeing me naked. so i told her "Eff you. Go Eff yourself....." and you know what???? then her family thought that was just soooo AWFUL on my part. but they didn't give a crap at how she had been treating me, saw me naked, and had kept falsely accusing me of stuff.

anyway, off and on she's been nice to me and will talk to me, but in the last year, she's been sooooo mean and P/A and doing silent treatment. i mean, even though SHE was in the wrong and i apologized years ago for saying EFF YOU to her, she just really mean to me. my DH sees what she does and is supportive of me.

i would love some advice on how to deal with her P/A, silent treatment behavior towards me. i'm only human and it hurts my feelings. i don't show it when i have to be around her.
if u got this far, thx for reading

I love the comment “that you know of” referring to how many times your MIL has entered your house unannounced. I would put a note in your personal drawer that says, “smile for the camera” lol... that’s all it needs to say, maybe that would end her little entries if she’s checking on your private life. I wouldn’t put it past my MIL. They are nosy, too nosy for their own good.