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What is it with ILS and TVs? My ILS tried to do the same by giving my preteen kids what I'll bet is the exact same TV dvd combo for Christmas. My DS opened his, looked at his grandparents, and told them that in our house we don't have TVs in our bedrooms, we read. The ILS were sent home after the holidays with their TVs.
At the time I had no backbone, so the TVs were kept. However, the previous summer and fall, the kids had gone without a convenient TV, and that had changed their lives. They spent most of that summer and fall outside playing with friends (they were 9 & 11), we spent most evenings together making and eating dinner together as a family, and then often played games. DD was already an avid reader, but I was worried about DS, because he wasn't so much into chapter books yet. It was that fall when he found an author that he liked, whose books totally turned him into a reader. So when they did get their TVs, the kids often spent their time with us, reading, or their friends anyway.

I used to hate to visit my Ps, because they never turned off the TV while we were there. Dad had a TV in kitchen that he watched and then there was the big one in the living room that was on even when no one was watching it. I often turned the big one off while we ate or if no one was watching it. Dad would literally sit there and watch his TV while the rest of us sat at the table and talked or prepared the meal.

With my Ps, really my M more than F, were insulted every time I made a decision that was counter to their own personal choices. This was just another one of those things, and they could save my kids from my choices by providing an alternative.