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Should Dad of the baby be allowed in labor room at the time of child birth, suggest your opinion?
Way overdue on this one. The birthing mother is the patient, but there are also hospital regulations in place about her requests for guests in the delivery room. There are restricted numbers of guests allowed, no matter what the mother wants. Too many people get in the way. It depends on the type of delivery, too. A C-section is different from an unassisted birth. The doctors have the ultimate authority. A guest may be told to leave at any time. Security personnel will be called if necessary. No explanation is required. If the medical team orders you out, you're out. Their duty is to the patient.

Non-hospital birthing centres have their own rules. Inquire with them.

BTW, husbands may be asked to leave if they're about to faint, because the team doesn't need two patients in the delivery room.

Ultimately, any guest the mother doesn't want in the delivery room will be asked to leave or escorted out. Just say the word to the doctor.