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What my sibling and I think happened is that my brother told my father that my family and I had been invited. Therefore, it seemed like our decision not to go. Whatever he is telling him now we can only imagine.

My brother is definitely triangulating and trying to turn my father against me. My sibling is onto him, though.

Did I mention how much I hate this? It's one thing to exclude someone. It's quite another to continue poking the stick for months afterward. It's sadistic, actually.
Interesting that you use the word 'sadistic'. From this and your previous post, your brother reminds me of my father, who was either a malignant narcissist or, as someone once put it, a 'path of some kind. He was a sadist, and apparently lived to hurt people for his own amusement, in big ways and pathetically small ways, at every opportunity. It makes no sense to normal people, because we don't get our kicks that way and because we don't respond to people and situations as they do. Such people are best avoided.