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It's amazing the things we do to them to push them to this last-ditch kind of behavior. Gee, I wonder how we'd feel if they didn't care enough to try this stuff.

I do realize that this thread is from many months ago, but I just had to comment because this posting kind of fascinated me. It took me a number of readings to decide as to whether the above quote was in fact poorly executed sarcasm or just from a poster who wandered into the wrong forum. (The fact that that this is the poster's one and only submission did not help.) Actually I am still unsure.

Anyway, it is a perfect example of how the printed word can so easily be misconstrued. Across the intertubes, over the years, I often found myself being irritated when a poster wrote something they very obviously meant to be sarky or funny/punny,etc., and they then ended their submission with a "wink, wink. nod, nod" of some sort to point out their intent. Yes, with well constructed writing, it should be obvious if someone is doing the sarcasm thing, but unfortunately not all of us are wordsmiths, nor or all readers necessarily quick off the mark/dialed in to irony, hyperbole, sarcasm et. al., so often those notations are actually quite necessary. This is a perfect example of that.