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I think it is, but he won't resolve it then will be as bad as option 1, atleast with option 2 there is a bit of hope.

We have her stuff that we are going through. Get this one,

She was so protected from not having to lift one of her own fingers that she didn't even have to say her own name into her answering machine, her son had to record it for her.

So Silicone Sally said "hello, you have reached the answering machine (name of MIL- said by son because MIL does not lift her own fingers to do anything for herself) is not available, please leave your message after the tone"

Bet she never checked messages though, that would require her to push the button on the phone with her own finger and we all know that is for everyone else to do on her behalf, shame of them for making her use her own fingers for anything.

This kind of pampering is what the kids and I lost our resource of dad and husband for,

THis is the kind of thing that I am still reacting to, but need to stop as in doing so I am not fully appreciating that it is over. I can forgive my husband for it and just move on.

THe door of our relationship, that dark door is closed now and her darkness went with her, now it is time to surrender to my new life and accept life without her toxic influence in it (with pleasure!)

Be careful, your DuH may want to canonize mommy dearest. Even after she is gone, anything you say is wrong and you are evil.