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A day or two ago, I would have said no, he would never go, but things are getting more positive with the influence of her gone and after today, yeah very definite possibility, maybe a bit soon after the departure but I think in the fall this would be an option. Things are improving so well that I think there is a very definite hope of more peaceful loving times for us, but not without work.

There are two possibilities right now; they can look similar
1. Is my Dh also a narcissist
2. Is my DH a victim of a narcissist

The next year is going to a big revelation time, if he gets better with time then he is a victim of narcissist abuse, if he starts to act more and more like her, then it is option #1.

Option #2 gives a bit of hope but only if he is willing to resolve it. If he is not willing to resolve it then it is just as bad a being option #1.

It is looking like option #2 thankfully as time is going on, but which option it is has to be established first, if it is option #1, well we all know how that goes with trying to help them out of it.
It's also possible he has fleas. Children of narcissists sometimes pick up the behavior they see modeled or have defense mechanisms which helped them survive but are no longer helpful. Fleas can be changed, but it takes committing to therapy or self help to do so.