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I think a lot of us will relate to your post. What was it that brought you to where you are? So many people never wake up to the what and whys and just go through the motions of life. You have been given a gift, so take it and don't look back. Take care of yourself in the ways that the ones who were supposed to love you neglected.

Are there are other family members involved and is your Mother still living? You might have to distance your relationships with them in order to continue to heal. It will easier to do so when you create the environment you need.

Congratulations and all the best of luck to you. This will be a process, just stay in there.
Yes, congratulations! You are beginning your new life now, one of your own making, the life you never had.

I think that weight issues often have their beginnings in mistreatment, abuse and trauma. As you care for yourself, consider food as your medicine to help you heal. Nourish your mind, body and soul. You deserve a wonderful life.