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I believe it. My Grandmother is always trying to give her stuff to various family members. We don't want it and/or we don't have room for it. She complains, "Nobody will take my stuff!" and we'll say to her, "If you don't want it anymore, then either toss it or donate it." She says, "No, I don't want to get rid of it! I want YOU to have it!" In other words, she doesn't want it "gone" but she doesn't want it clogging up her house, either. Sorry, can't have it both ways. She has told her children and grandchildren that she doesn't want any of her stuff/furniture tossed or sold after she dies. She wants us to divide it all up. ALL of it. Not gonna happen. Some of us want a few things but everything?? No.

I don't have china or sterling or crystal. I live in an apartment but even if I did buy a house, I wouldn't be interested in a formal dining room or any of that stuff. I just don't see the use for it. I'm a casual type of person. I have an aunt who is in her 70's and very old fashioned and proper. She is just beyond baffled how I can live without that stuff. She is also baffled that many brides these days aren't registering for that stuff anymore. Of all my friends and cousins who have gotten married, only one of them registered for china, crystal and silver. And it was actually the daughter of that aunt, haha. Even my mother doesn't use her china, crystal and sterling anymore. She says, "I don't have time to hand wash all that stuff."

My mom cannot throw anything away. When she offers me something or she tells me she doesn't have room for it, I take it away. Then I donate whatever isn't garbage and toss the rest. She will never know.