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I never give credit for how that sale worked, I average the booths together. Booth A sells 50 with 2 girls and Booth B had rain with 3 girls and sold 30. I divide 80 boxes by 5 girls, so 16 each. Not A1 and A2 get 25 each while B1, B2, B3 get 10 each. The girls were starting to get resentful if a third girl showed up because she split their sales.
I get that you are really trying to be inclusive of the girls, and that's admirable. However, it can lead to resentment from the other side. Let's say that of your 7 girls, 2 of which are real go-getters, trying for the high volume. 3 are middle of the road - they'll sell at one booth, and then hand the forms to Mom to sell at her office job. 2 want very little to do with the cookie sales, have to be dragged out to a booth, and do no other selling. If I was one of the go-getter girls, I can guarantee you that I'd be resentful that my boxes went to the other girls, particularly the ones that wanted nothing to do with the cookie sales. Especially if I worked out a great pitch that caught people's attention and drew them in to buy cookies, and so my booths did fabulously well. It's bad that the weather was a factor but people have to realize that that's nothing you or the girls can control.

As I suggested, I think what you need to do is deal with Pushy Mom by guaranteeing that the girls all start out with the same number of booth slots. Then after that, the rest of the slots are up for grabs. The go-getters can then grab all the extra slots, and up the numbers for everyone if you are going to split sales evenly among booths.

At least you are not having to worry about troops coming in and poaching your slots. My son's Cub Scout pack was in one county G, in council T. Right across the road from the Wal-Mart and Kroger was another county, with council MV. When they built the shopping center, TPTB decided that Wal-Mart and Kroger were going to be too big for the little post office in my town, even though they really weren't. So even though they are physically in my town B, in my county G, covered by my son's council T, they listed in the phone book as town C, county M. So we would abide by the rules of our council and schedule a slot at Wal-Mart, only to show up and find that another pack from the other council was already there. Since there were no "rules" in council MV, because the Wal-Mart is not in council MV territory, the pack would take advantage and just show up there. Then refuse to leave. Yeah, that was always fun. Luckily it's a super Wal-Mart and they had 2 entrances and luckily we never had 2 packs show up to cover both.