Hi, hun! Iím really sorry to hear about your struggles of getting pregnant. Iím in the same boat like you. I have PCOS. The main problem is that I ovulate very rarely and my oocytes are of bad quality. However, I managed to conceive because I started to keep to a healthier diet. I gave up consuming junk food. In addition, I worked out regularly. I think a healthy food and regular exercise helped me to conceive. You may also try these simple things and see how they work.
P.S. As for the clinics, I think you should choose the one that you really feel comfortable. If you donít like anything about the clinic, itís better to quit them at once. I would also advise to check their success rates. There are some special forums on the internet that may provide you with the true statistic data about the success rates of various clinics. You may try to visit these sites and try to find the statistic data about the clinics youíve got interested in. Good luck in your ED journey!