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She shouts at virtual strangers in the street? I hope one day somebody gives it right back, comes up close and in her face. She's a bully, so she's probably a coward too. Bullies usually are cowards.

This constantly being at war with people is possibly the narcissist's need to be Top Dog. This is because they are actually very insecure but try to hide it behind being bullies. It's also to give them something to do because they have sad and empty lives. They drive people away with their behaviour. Normal people don't behave like this, but Ns do. They don't grasp how they are driving others away, but keep repeating the same tedious cycles. Having somebody to complain about distracts them from the tedium of their own sad little lives. It's probably partly how people in their community with massive chips on their shoulders have always behaved towards eachother. Just be glad your DH got away.
I agree. Sometimes if I can't figure out why someone behaves a certain way I turn it around and try to see how it would be for them if they did the opposite. If they had nice, calm lives and minded their own business, I guess they'd be bored to death because they've got nothing else. Also it may be that if they grew up surounded by conflict they'd miss both it and the adrenalin rush it gives them.