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You aren't being petty, MIL is. It is obvious your DC are not her favorite DGC.

Next time MIL asks how are your DC and changes the topic, stop her and ask if she wants to hear about your children. Then when she does it again, stop speaking, get up, collect the DC and leave (or escort MIL out). Tell her she obviously doesn't want to hear about your DC so time for her to leave. She will whine and cry but don't fall for it. Then put her in TO, for at least a month. When she does it again, and you know she will, double the TO time. This is NOT a punishment, but the natural consequence for actions she chose to take. It wouldn't be punishment as she is showing you she doesn't want to hear about your kids.

I'm for it, but -- before going for this, I'd ask MIL in a non-hostile tone, "Do you realize that every time I tell you about something DS has done you change the subject to your other GCs?" I think it's possible that you're seeing the topic as "My son," and she's seeing the topic as "My grandchildren." It's worth trying to clarify.