DS' health is better than expected. His pituitary gland was expected to go out by now, but it hasn't, which means it is much less likely to fail in the future. He is adulting in major ways that makes me pretty proud of him. Yes, we will be close to ILs, but also closer to SD and GD. This weekend was pretty great, because of the conversation, which won't happen with SD and SIL. We thought that DD would also be moving out there, but she is so desperate to get out of her current job that we don't know where she will move. The thing that influenced my decision to move out to the West Coast was her decision that she wanted to move out there, too. The weight of the kids would be out there, but if she gets a job closer to the East Coast, that would change. Frustrating. Although, I have a feeling that DS might consider the West Coast once he spends some time there after we move. Anyway, the West Coast feels right for us. It is a place where my children were born, and I am more comfortable there than here. So, we go.