I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words. It's so helpful to see that you aren't alone and that what you feel is not "wrong" based on prior treatment.

My sister attempted a text guilt argument not too long ago to the point I had to block her just to stop the argument. She knows how to push my buttons so I'll respond. I had even requested that the argument was over but she kept going. Finally I realized the only way to end it was to end it on my end; stop the text messages. She wasn't thrilled about it and tried to make me look bad by posting a message on my FB account. I IM'd her and told her that it was inappropriate to do that in which she responded that "blocking her was inappropriate and how was she supposed to contact me". I told her, how about "FB Messaging since it is obvious you weren't block on FB". I'm just going to have to learn to stand my ground with her.

My mother also tried a passive aggressive attempt in which I decided to treat that text message with the Narcissist rule (she's not one but I've had so many in my life); I ignored it completely. I decided it was best with her to just ignore and have no further responses on responses like that.

I've finally realized the reason I keep having relationships with narcissists is because I was raised in a dysfunctional family who thinks they are normal. I'm the black sheep because I'm the only one who is the whistle blower and see the family for what it is. Therefore, I'm not the favorite. The one good thing I have in my life is my husband and I've found a great counselor. She's pretty famous in the narcissist circles (a lot of people read her memes and she just published a book). I'm so fortunate to have her in my area as she is starting to help me see things for what they are (not for what people wanted me to think they are) and learn to establish boundaries which I never learned. My mother taught me no boundaries because she could never set them in her life; otherwise I think she would have dumped my father the first 5 years into their marriage like my father's first wife did.