DH returned 2 days ago from a week in Las Vegas for a big work conference. So he had 6-7 days in a fancy hotel room all on his own in which he could lay around all evening watching TV to his heart content if he wanted to.

He's stopped talking about stupid travel ideas like taking Amtrak to Los Angeles. Thank goodness.

He said that after 3 days, he was pretty much done with Las Vegas, was ready to come home, and was burned out on having to make small talk with people for a week. He was eager to return home. Next year's conference is in.....ORLANDO! I told him that if he gets to go to next year's conference, then we are all going with him and we are going to Disney World....even though it will be as hot as the 7th circle of hell...I'm not passing up the opportunity for a free company-paid-for-hotel-room plus not having to pay for DH's air fare out there.