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I called the police station on our way there, with him screaming in the background, requesting an officer and was told that they do not provide an officer for a transfer. She said to make the transfer and if anything goes wrong, they can send someone out. Her attorney requested a screen shot of that call, time and duration. Yes, we have recording every transfer on cell phone and uploading it.

The kids know I have the cam on the living room mantle. I just ordered another one for the sewing room that I will conceal. I've told my daughter to put one on the very top of a kitchen cabinet that would get the kitchen, dining, living room AND directly into the boys' bedroom (which is double-doors for a Study off the living room). No, the kids won't know about them and I doubt they would notice it up at the ceiling.

She has a consultation with another attorney. He has to stop this or be made to stop.

Tell your DD to expect him to get worse before this stops, even with a court order. Even with a consultation with another attorney scheduled, she needs help now. Have her contact the DV shelter. They might be able to help with the transfer.

Go down to the police department and ask to speak with the chief, no one else. Explain the situation to him/her. Often subordinates don't know or care. Google police failure to protect and take that information with you. Police have an obligation to protect citizens. Many do, sadly many don't.