My daughter has divorced her certifiably N husband and his main goal in life seems to be to cause problems. Typical N stuff, as you can imagine. The latest today caused my daughter to cry in hurt for her son. She was out of town for the weekend so her ex had the 3 kids. She picked them up this morning and brought them to my house on her way to work. As they were at the front door my grandson asked quietly if I (grandma) could take him to the store to get some underwear. She asked why? He said he wasn't wearing any because his other grandma (ex's mom) wouldn't let him wear his new underwear home. It has to stay at their house. What an evil woman!!!! Her son takes right after her. Whenever my daughter buys the kids new clothes, he keeps them and sends them home in old play clothes.

His mother is the one that, when her 12 year old daughter told that her mother's boyfriend was molesting her and he got kicked out by child protective services, the mother lamented about how was she going to pay the rent??

Could fill a book on all the carp he has pulled. It's never ending.