Always known he doesn't have their welfare in mind. DD recently authorized that the two boys can walk home from the after-school program ONLY so that her 17 yo daughter can pick them up if DD is late. She couldn't officially authorize someone under 18. So, what did he do? On his day to pick them up he didn't. The school called DD, who called the father. Father said since she authorized them to walk home, they could walk to his house and if anything happened to them, it would be on her. He didn't give a sh!t!

He took the little one out of the daycare she has been in for 3 years, that she loves. She misses the woman and her friends. He got the boys kicked out of the school program. DD said the judges eyes widened at these revelations. Oh, he is all up in it that the kids need "stability", oh so concerned! He actually said in court that they should "slowly" transition back to DDs care because... the children need stability! DDs lawyer said he didn't care about their stability when he took them!