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    Re: So angry and sad

    Oh, and because of HIS actions in getting the boys kicked out of the summer program, she has had to get other daycare arrangements. Her 17 year old daughter usually watches them, sometimes I do. Sometimes it's one or both of them. The father is complaining that she is "separating" the kids and providing "incompetent" day care. He also started saying that he didn't want the daughter's BF around them. Accused him of hitting them too and now the middle child is saying he doesn't want the BF there! That has NEVER, EVER been the case and never happened. He is great with the boys, plays with them, video games, outside, etc.

    I hate him with every fiber of my being and pray for forgiveness for that. He is damaging those children, maybe irreparably, especially the middle one.

    And now he says that the boys smell like smoke after being at my house, says I smoke in the house. I DO NOT SMOKE. I quit like 7 years ago though I do use a vape. It doesn't have "smoke", doesn't smell at all. HE and HIS MOTHER smoke and I'm told that his vehicles reek of it. He is delusional.
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