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If you think one of them may try to sabotage your wedding, like calling the vendor or venue, pretending to be you and cancelling things, give vendors a code word. Aardvark would be a good word. No code word, no changes.

And make them spell it. They will probably get it wrong. Some home security companies have the family choose a very simple code but have the spelling for a different word. Example, a friend of mine had "dog" as the code word. When required to spell the word, as asked by the security person, it is spelled "c_a_t" so when they spelled "d_o_g" home security knew to send help right away while the burglar thought they were safe. They were all fine btw.

I used her idea when dealing with vendors and a sneaky MIL and sneaky, b!tchy SIL. Vendors are confused at first but loved the idea.