honestly have NO idea where to start with this woman, I have been with my DH for 7 years and she has caused us SO many problems from the minute we got together. Just to give a little background information about who she is - she is of ethnic back round and we speak the same language & we have the same religion but from different countries. Neighbouring countries so slight difference in culture. ANYWAY, she is married but her and her husband live like room mates because he cheated on her 20 years ago and she cannot move on from it. Her husband is a hard working man and is nice and doesn't cause problems. She has 4 sons and I'm married to the youngest who is by far the most responsible and logical one, the oldest is just disgraceful who has stolen thousands of dollars from his MUM and is a liar and just all round a horrible person but he is her favourite and she makes it VERY VERY clear, all she does is talk about what a good hearted amazing person he is to EVERY SINGLE PERSON she ever meets. Her other two sons are nice but don't have their life on track and are just irrevlent to my problems with my MIL.

So, my issue with this woman is that she's extremely needy and manipulative, she has faked being sick on many occasions. She used to do this very often but has cut down now, she will call up my DH and ask for a stupid favour and always disguises it as if it's for "health reasons" when me and my husband were still dating she would make us spend our day driving her around so she can buy something as stupid as a kettle and she'll act as if the kettle she owned at home made her feel nauseous. She has on many many many occasions called up my DH or ME (after spending literally no joke 6 hours shopping filling up her trolley with stupid sh*t for her house) she'll call up saying "my back hurts so much, I cannot walk please come pick me
Up) when her house is literally a 10 minute walk + there is a taxi stand in front of the mall she shops at & a bus stop right in front of her house ! But she makes my DH feel sorry for her by pretending she can't move and I completely understand why he would go pick her up because if he doesn't he will look like an A#%hole or feel so guilty that he is making his mother find her own way even though she shouldn't even be burdening us with taking her home. Then the next day she'll call up and say "I want to return X I bought today it doesn't look nice in the house, can you take me to the mall down the road" LIKE WTF? Go by yourself, your 58 years old you are not a dying 89 year old , if you are able to spend 7 hrs walking around then you can sure as hell make your own way there!!! She will sometimes call up my husband to come past her house and help her do something so stupid like download an app on her phone and mNy times he says No I can't but it infuriates me that she's so entitled & manipulative . She has called up before and said "I feel like I'm going to faint please bring me chocolate, I need sugar" WTF?! Why don't you go to the damn kitchen and eat sugar, why chocolate?? You are just craving chocolate don't lie and pretend to be fainting ! She is so inconsiderate of our damn time it's ridiculous! and the worst part is she puts on a dramatic scene and makes every thing look so real EVERYONE falls for it except me ! These are just a few times , she asks me for favours now to drive her to the shops all the damn time when she can easily make her own way , she always needs something from someone! Her other 2 sons are 28 and 29 years old and they live at home but don't own cars because they are jobless ! Her oldest golden child favourite who his ex left him because of his crazy obsessive mother works 6 days a week so he cannot do anything and my DH works 5 days and finishes around 4pm usually and I am a house wife atm and am free but I'm furious because outside of her requests she does not speak to me and she has ruined many happy times I could've had in the past because she wanted HER way with everything with my engagement but when it came down to my wedding she backed off because my DH (fiancé at the time) has HUGE problems with her and would yell at her and not allow her to be involved!

These are honestly the few small things she has done, I'll give a few more examples

- she treats me as if I'm ignorant and don't know anything, I say things that are factual to her but she denies them and says "no I read it on fb" because she thinks everything on fb is real which shows that she's the ignorant one. she always talks about how intelligent my older sister is because she goes to college but I'm also in college studying Social work and psychology and she does not acknowledge that what so ever, one time she goes to me "your family really value education why don't you apply to study somewhere?" And I'm like "I am studying, I told you .." she said "oh okay" as if she had no idea when I have mentioned it 40900000 times and we've had discussions about it!

- her golden child left his ex because of his mum causing problems and trying to get her way with everything including how his ex gf dressed because it was against my mils culture that she only picks and chooses what to follow . The golden child met a woman who sucked up to my MIL and was REALLY fake, she would come over and clean the whole house for her literally, within 4 months of dating the son she started calling my MIL "mum" and just being over the top fake and Ofcourse my mil was blind to it and kept taking about the new girl and praising her to my family & to any human being that would listen, she put her photos all over her fb and has literally like 1 photo of me and I've been driving her around for years and putting up with her BS, I've done her dishes for her and done her hair and makeup for occasions many times (she'll complain right after and show how it's not what she wanted but add "thank you so much god bless you" .anyway her golden son married her golden dil and the Dil showed her true colour s about a month after the wedding, she ended up kicking my FIL out of the house and screaming at my DH and my BIL & my mil continued to defend her and stuck by her side and she even made my BIL kiss and hug her (without her apologizing to anyone except my fil) then about 2 months later she screamed at my mil called her a disgrace & shown her true colours And now my mil doesn't like her and treats her the way she treats me but is nicer to me because she needs someone on her side! What pisses me off sooo much about the situation is when my SIL kicked out my FIL and fought with everyone my mil didn't give a flying rats a%# and defended her with the dumbest excuses like "she was tired that day" and "she was stressed" but as soon as my sil screamed at her she started hating her which shows what a selfish person she is.

There is SOOOOO many things I can bring up I honestly could write a massive novel about it. Let me know if you guys need any more stories or examples , she fits into every category about mils so i can relate her to any mil type LOL.