I AM the original poster of this post, I'm "mycrazylife" for some reason I wasn't able log into my account after posting and it will not reset my password :@
I don't drive her around all day , she just for some reason is always asking for favours, she does it much less now then before, even when I say "no I cannot" she acts offended and quickly replies "it's ok thanks anyway" or acts like what she needs is SOOOOO important and needs to be done ASAP! I don't spend that much time with her, I probably see her every 2 weeks but I just think she's irritating and ignorant and unpleasant to be around. She does do nice things for me like buy me a top here and there or she will compliment how I look but I just can't help but hate her deep inside for all the pain she has caused me since I met her, although she is much better now I still think she's a selfish woman who takes advantage of others, I try to be a good respectful person and I don't want to cut her out for my husbands sake because that would be horrible for him & will cause him to resent me which tbh I understand because she's not THAT bad, meaning I CAN deal with her bull&$@ for the half an hour that I see her.. I don't know I guess I just want to vent on here.

Just an hour ago my MIL called me up telling me to let my husband know that we HAVE to help her pay for her sons (the golden child) pregnant wife a pram for their baby who isnt due for another 2 months and the pram they picked out from the gift registry is $1400 and that her son said it has to be bought by the end of the week and we have to cough up $500 for it which I think is BULL####, my husband offered to do this as a gift but we are struggling soo much with money and are currently living with my parents barely surviving on any thing. She knows that very well & is so demanding. I told my husband there is no way in hell we are paying $500 for a pram , if they want an expensive pram that is the price of a car they can buy it them selves , (my MIL is paying the rest) I told my hubby that my sister had her first baby too 6 months ago and we bought a normal $70 present. My husband agreed but thought I was over reacting , he told me he was gonna find another pram and tell them he can help pay for a cheaper one that is $400 instead of $1400. Ughhhh just irritates me how my in laws try to take advantage of us with everything!!!

About 2 weeks ago when we went for coffee with my mil we paid for her coffee then we went to the butcher to buy chicken and steak and she decided she wanted chicken so she picked out two different types and instead of paying for them herself she acted like she had no money and my husband has to pay for her stupid food! This woman gets paid $1700 a fortnight and she has barely any expenses besides maybe helping her working husband pay rent here and there . My husband was literelly explaining to her our financial situation minutes before she picked out chicken for him to pay for. It makes me wonder what else does he pay for when I'm not around if he is with his mum.

Btw In my post when I said "he cheated on her 20 years ago" then described him as a "nice man" I was referring to the fact that he is nice in general, he is helpful, polite & doesn't cause problems. He made a mistake 20 years ago and she still uses it as an excuse for her behavior. She has sat all 4 of her sons down on numerous occasions and told them how "I only had sex with ur father so he can love me" so they can feel sorry for her, she's a manipulative woman.

And the reason I mentioned my SIL was just to give an example of how my MIL didn't give a sh^* when my SIL swore at my FIL and my husband and I , she kept giving her excuses that were so stupid but as soon as she had a fight with her she started nit picking at my SIL. Just giving an eg. Of her selfishness

Thanks for the responses guys, feel free to share stories about passive aggressive selfish MILS xoxo