That's a lot of change to deal with in a short space of time. Have you and your H sat down and planned a budget for vacations? Knowing it won't be happening in the future may lessen the resentment.

Is there a community garden near you or some outside space like a balcony where you put container plants? A community garden might satisfy the gardening itch and it's a great way to meet people. I volunteered for one for awhile and the people who were attracted to it were really nice and friendly people. It was run by a church and the produce went to a food pantry. We all volunteered for one of those plots and we could have our own plot too.

I worked for a company that went out of business. I was in one of the last rounds of layoffs, and had to find a new job in my late 40s. You do miss the sense of community when something like that happens. Someone started a social media page for the former employees and people shared photos and memories. We had a couple of in person "wakes" in the cities where the 2 biggest offices were. Even though things went well for me after the layoff, I still find myself missing those people and times. My department was great, we got along well and there was little to no drama. My colleagues and I all wanted to see each other succeed professionally and be happy in our personal lives. If there were conflicts, they were resolved in an adult way and quickly. It may have been my best workplace. It is hard to see something like that go.

And having to deal with relocating and health issues on top of that is rough. Definitely spend time on self care and being good to yourself. Good luck in settling there and with the job search.