This is probably a more DH story than it is about MIL. DH and I have a wedding to attend to in his hometown - he is in the wedding, its one of his best friend's wedding. So last night I finally sit down to look for a dress, the wedding is 2 weeks away. We have been both pretty excited to go and talking about it for a bit. MIL and her family are going to be there, didn't really bother me because its not their wedding, I know a few of DH's friends who are attending so I was planning to just clutch onto them and have a good time. DH was probably going to visit with his family the next day - and I would come if I feel up to it or not, whatever really

The plan was to get a hotel, its the plan we have in place now for whenever we go to DH's hometown. So last night I am looking for my dress and all and went to grab the invitation card to see if we can book our hotel and all. And DH goes, so my mom said the place is really far away from hotels, and most of the people that are coming to the wedding are camping at the reception place and my mother will bring a camper that's we can all stay in and just visit with everyone. SO that is where we are staying. I eyed him for a second just trying to understand camping at a reception. And he said I just need you to do it and that's all.


I don't know what triggered me here. The fact that he made a decision with his mother for what him and I are going to do? Or the fact that he thinks I need to sleep in the same quarters with his mom for the rest of the evening playing happy family. I am super confused. I asked him why he didn't discuss the hotels being far and him and I can figure it out and he said his mom offered and he doesn't want to leave the reception where everyone will be hanging out. I said we could have hang all night and left whenever to go to our hotel.

I closed the web I was on looking for dresses. And he says so you are not going anymore?

Now I am confused. Did he just not want me to go with in the first place so he could have time with his family in peace? He was going to go the next day anywhere. Did MIL offer him that so she knows I would not be up for that and then I wouldn't show?

I am confused - or maybe I am reading too much and there isn't anything to read into