I did a simple search while seated with him yesterday and its only 15 minutes, 16 minutes to be precise to the hotels and he was like Oooo

I did text his younger sister about the camping and she hasn't gotten back to me - maybe she is confused or trying to find info about that. MIL lies a lot ( I know that for a fact, she does some malicious stuff).
MIL is blocked from my phone, I don't speak with her, I don't know why DH thinks it will be a great idea for all us to be in there.

As for going to the wedding, I am not a die hard fan, the friend is his best friend, he was in our wedding so other than that I had only met him once. I was just going to support DH, and since he is in the wedding, there are other friends of his I have hang out with before, so I was hoping to be just spend time with them. I don't personally have any friends there so its no big deal if he didn't want me there. Just how its coming out is a little weird. As for MIL a hi and bye if I ran into her otherwise I wasn't trying to interact with her.

@whoever MIL in law is married and has 2 DDs and one of the DD has a son who is 6, I don't know if they all will be there but I am assuming because they all live together and travel together. In fact they all came to town to visit 'us' past 2 weeks but I took a trip with my girls and dodged them. MIL also does 'nice' things so she can tell the whole world and how I didn't thank them properly for example if we do end up staying at the camper I will hear this from people 'I gave them a camper to stay in for the wedding but she never said thank you, what an ungrateful b***' so there is that. So I will end up paying emotionally for the camper that I never wanted to be part of in the first place you know, things like those