I would book it and go but I don't think that would be best for me. I am relying on DH's friends to be with me, while DH is doing his wedding duties, I don't know if the friends would be up to it, or if they bring their plus one and just want to do their thing. I don't have any friends there, we are not from the same town, in fact different countries - and I have never been to an American wedding except my own so I'm better off staying and not going if that would be the case.

I do have a winner though - there is a concert that's playing a 2.5 hour flight away, DH's favorite band, and my favorite djs are playing at the same venue that Saturday. DH and I were bummed out that we couldn't go because the wedding but now that it seems the wedding is for the 'cool' people, I will do myself a favor book that flight, get me the concert ticket and go and pass out from happiness and come back Sunday)) O did I mention his car is not doing good lately, I don't see it making the 4 hour drive to the wedding and my car is the one for road trips because its new but I am gonna take myself to the airport an hour away and take my car with me woohoo Goodluck DH