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Who would want to sleep in a camper with numerous people, one bathroom, and try to get ready for a wedding? Don't they mostly have one bedroom too? If everyone is trying to get ready at about the same time, what are you supposed to do, strip down naked in the middle of the living room with everyone watching? Your DH is bonkers and your MIL is worse plus I suspect someone is lying. How many people have campers in the first place? I'll bet not even a quarter of the guests have them. Plus of that number I'll bet a lot of them might like camping but not when they have to get ready for a wedding. I can just see the bride now getting ready in her tent and leaving the campground with her dress held high in the air so she doesn't get the bottom full of twigs and spiders...not!

I'll bet you 85% of the guests are staying in hotels and not camping. Book a room or go to the concert instead. No way would I camp for a wedding.
Yeah it doesn't sound fun at all. I dont even know which part the camping is happening, like before the reception or after but either way i don't see myself camping for a wedding. DH's younger sister that i texted responded to my text, i asked her if people are camping and she responded just now saying 'i think so'. I am not sold. I dont understand why anyone is camping, like after dancing all night and what not you put out your camp gear and camp HAHAHA no, not for me. I bet there will be a fire too and if i make one mistake my Louis Vuitton clutch will land in the fire HA HA. This sounds pathetic. I have still yet to camp in real life and my first experience will be to camp with MIL and her family - hell no