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This is my biggest gripe w/ my DuH: we will have a plan, then he will talk to MIL &/or FM SIL, and he will cast me to the curb & make a new plan w/ them, and he doesn't immediately tell me about it & try to get my buy-in. I HATE it! I also hate the "Just do what I say." approach to marriage that your DH seems to be taking. FORGET it! You get a say in your life even if you married a Neanderthal.

I am w/ FFA on this. Who goes camping & to a wedding? Only the outward bound crowd, and it's when the wedding is on the top of a mountain & you need to climb it to get there. This doesn't sound like that. I say book a hotel room or don't go. Further, who goes camping w/ someone they have blocked from their phone? That could get very ugly very fast--& dangerous. Avoid this.
Exactly my point. We are newlyweds - I don't want this to become a habit 'So my mom said'. No your mom and yourself don't plan my life, who is your mom??? She is not part of this relationship and she will never have an input unless we both reach out to her. How would he feel if I am sitting there and be like 'So my dad said'. How demeaning and belittling, I'm sure he will be like honey why do you and your dad go and make your decisions and I won't be a part of it. MIL probably thinks she is trying to help her son and being a problem solver and just being helpful in general omg just stop inserting yourself already and make yourself relevant.
Why aren't my parents like this? One I never tell them anything about my relationship. 2 they are just supporting and supporting - they don't offer advise to anything unless asked. God bless them