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Oh HE!! NO.

I don't know how long you have been married? But I can tell you this is a tactic so they don't have to no to mom.

This is my dh's way of handling something when he doesn't want to say no to his mother and he knows I will be upset by it. He knows he is wrong and if he springs it on me at the very last minute he thinks I can't say no. I used to be shocked by it and confused like you.....then I caught on. It was his way of not saying no to mom and just letting his wife deal with it. You are confused by it because it's not on the up and up.

Get a hotel for yourself if you must but don't go along with this because it will set a precedence for him trying to do similar in the future.
I have been married 10 months )) SO the better we get this out of the way now, its never going to fly in my world. I have zero influence, zero help, zero nothing from my parents so should DH. I run everything by him, small and big cause I respect him so much and he don't care to return the favor? Even if I was best friends with his mom and she was lovely and I loved her and all this would still not fly. I wouldn't be able to get to a place where his mother is running my life - o lord, I would be way gone and out before that happens.