We finally got to sit down and speak ugh - schedules and everything made it harder to talk about this earlier. There were so many underlying issues - the talk took 3 exhausting hours. But in terms of the mother he said he didn't think to check or follow with the details and he is sorry and we can do our own thing, he wants me to come bla bla,okay fine that's taken care of.
However, another one came, how he is dealing with 2 hard headed woman, his wife and his mother, the two woman who mean the most to him and no one will budge. He is speaking about how his mom confessed to me that she hates me, then went to one toxic person I had cut off my life so they could team up and take me down. Then she was spreading lies about a gift she had given my parents. I ended up paying for that gift with money that I didn't have, we speaking thousands. Then she would text me about how I should leave her son.

So, I'm supposed to budge??? Cause it's still his mom and we are supposed to get along. I told him I don't know the part that when we vowed it said if I don't have a relationship with your mom this marriage will fail. Told him she is nothing special cause everyone else left their mom and dad to be in this marriage so I don't understand it. I'm also not wishing to have a relationship from her just because - she hurt me like I have never been hurt before in my whole life. I told him, you do your thing, have the relationship you want with her, no one is stopping you.

why do we have to get back to this MIL b's? Who cares.
The other thing he mentioned is like i just wanted this wedding to go good - and no drama, I told him I won't be the one to bring drama. I don't know if it's telling me to hold his mama to the higher ground or what? No I'm not gonna do that, she will be lucky if she gets a hello from me