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Yes I agree with this. They are nasty and then they play the victim when you try to hold your own.

I would take the gift, say thank you, and blackhole it. That is, throw it away, give it away, whatever but not somewhere where she can show people what you did. Be polite. Give her no ammunition to fire at you. I know it's galling but at least she will hate it if she cannot complain about you!

If she wants you to open it in front of everyone, that I think you can say no to and stay polite. Just say you don't want to take attention away from the wedding and you'll open it later. She is trying to get attention on her and/or maybe even give a passive aggressive gift to upset you so you will react in front of everyone, so just say no politely. Or take gift and say you'll put it in the car or wherever immediately before she has time to say "Open it now".
Ugh you guys ((( not taking it was going to be so lit cause she could never say, I got her a birthday gift but she never said 'happy birthday to mine', and she still doesn't speak to me even after that gift, and I bought it for so and so but what an ungrateful person she is and bla bla. All the gifts she has given to me have been like this, and I'm like why do I never say no cause at the end of the day I'm looking like this ungrateful person. She ties her gifts with something that I don't know, maybe for this one she wants me to unblock her and if I don't the whole world is going to be reaching out to me on why I didn't unblock her yet she is giving me all these gifts.
I always beat myself up and just wish I didn't take it so I don't know about this one ladies ughhhhhhh