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Here's what I think. People get away with bad behavior because nobody calls them on it. (Example: MY mother-in-law!). Be up front. If she tries to give you a gift tell her no, thank you. Tell her you don't want gifts from someone who has TOLD you they hate you. Tell her you're confused about about what has motivated this gift because she hates you and wants your marriage to end. Tell her that you also don't want it based on previous experiences you've had with gifts she's given you.

Be polite, but firm.

(Hi! I have a wonderful birthday present for you!)

"No, thank you."

(What? What? Why?)

"You've made it very clear that you hate me and want my marriage with your son to end, so I just don't understand what is motivating this gift from you, but it makes me uneasy."

(Splutter. Splutter. Rage.)

"So let's just put it out there. I don't want gifts from you. I don't want you making arrangements for me - for ANYthing. I don't want you spreading lies about me. And here is my promise to you. I won't interfere with your life in any way. I won't talk about you behind your back. I'll be the best wife ever for your son and do everything in my power to make him happy. I won't put him between us, because there is no us. I would appreciate the same from you."

I like this a lot. I have thought a lot about this, I never say anything, even to the flying monkey that gets send to attack me, wouldn't it be nice to just stand up for myself and not allow to be walked all over but say whatever it is politely though. I would be better off going with 'no thank you' and ending it there though and continue saying no if she insists. If I tell you her how she told me she hates me, she will be like 'no I LOVEEEEEE you, I have already apologized and I am not going to do it anymore and why I hold grudges and never let it go'. She will be better off hearing it from his son, if she tries to inquire why I refused her gift. Whole thing is a mess((