I agree that this sounds like fleas from being raised by a narcissist. Anything inconvenient or unpleasant, they take personally and complain about. And they completely overreact

My commuter bus is often delayed by traffic. It sucks. Passengers react in different ways:

1) finding other routes if possible

2) leaving home earlier to get to work on time

3) using the time productively (checking work emails) or for entertainment (reading, music, etc.) or sleeping

4) getting angry about the delay. Now I can see this once in awhile. Especially if it's a bad delay and it's making you late for an appointment even though you left early. But some people get like this for the whole bus ride, every time we get delayed. Some of them even yell at the bus drivers as if they have any control over the traffic.

I had this sort of flea myself, minus the yelling at the bus driver part, until my therapist pointed out traffic jams and flat tires happen to everyone at some point.

Having seen my n mother and her extended family of toxic react to things, I was bracing myself when my cousins on my dad's side and I were gathering for an event and their car was ticketed for an expired registration. No one got upset or blamed anyone. They realized it slipped their mind and they'd pay the ticket. This is how I react as well.

But on my mother's side, it would be the ticket officer's fault or the fault of whoever suggested we meet up that day and there. Or since a couple owns the car, on my mom's side they'd be squabbling and bickering the rest of the day.

I was even expecting to get blamed. Instead, they put the ticket where they'd remember to pay it, used a paid parking garage for the day and continued having a good day. It had been a lovely day leading up to that and I was glad to see it continued to be a lovely day.