What do you think of this?


[EXCERPT: The basic feature which is always present in this personality disorder is: 1. Intense and extensive power strivings. In addition, at least three other of the following characteristics should be present; 2. Lack of empathy for people, and indifference to the suffering of others; 3. "Street smart" alertness and remarkable cunning committed to seizing and expanding power; 4. Ruthlessness in cultivation of power; 5. Scapegoating and projection of blame on to targeted individuals or a group, an insistent need to identify certain others as lowly, worthless and intended victims; 6. Corruption by power and addiction to power; 7. Demands of other people to be dependent on one's powerful personality, or that they become one's obedient followers; 8. Emphasis on symbolisms of pure vs. impure, holy vs. infidel, chosen vs. condemned; 9. A basic disrespect for the lives of others evidenced in callous or indifferent exposure of others to undue risks; 10. An absence of conscience in contexts of self-interest and opportunity; 11. A homicide/suicide orientation.]

Does it remind you of any MILs that you have read about here? It does me, and I think it explains a lot. It explains that these MILs are personality disordered but masquerading as typical and w/ DC who enable that masking. Look at chacteristic numbers 2 & 9, and think about ILs & allergens. It's a new diagnosis of mental illness being consider for publication in the DSM, and in my lay opinion, it captures the toxic MIL often described on this board.