Yikes, that sounds horrible. And only strengthens my resolve to keep on with my middle age declutter efforts.

Are there any guides to this as to how to organize it for the surviving family members? Maybe that should be a thread of its own?

I'm thinking I designate the items others might be interested in like photos and a couple of hand made (by my father) furniture pieces and some jewelry from my grandma in one box or so. Label the box (I'm thinking of a corresponding spread sheet for the lawyer and any executors). This way they'll know what''s in the boxes without having to open them.

Important papers they would need for settling the estate in one spot and send copies once I organize them, to my lawyer and the people who'd be the executors, would be another box Beyond that, I'd say it's up to them. Chuck or sort it. I plan to leave instructions in my will. Should I set aside funds for a Got Junk type of service or just say they can dispose as they see fit?

But I'm also wondering if I'm in a situation where I can't return home, do I make that part of my proxy? And add some personal items I'd like to have in a nursing home or long term care facility if I should be in one?