So your so much smarter and classier than everybody else (in her own mind) MIL lived in a rodent infested house where the floors are cover in piss, the furniture and dishes are junk, and I would bet there are probably dangerous levels of mold and toxins. Please tell me you are all wearing masks and gloves minimally.

If he's done without the things in that house for all these years why does he need them now. Don't you have a fully furnished and functional home of your own all ready? He reminds me of Ella's DH clearing out his parents' house and the dumpster he had. It was similar when my ML went into assisted living. She though everything she owned was a treasure we should cherish. No one wanted the furniture from the 70's. She couldn't understand why we wouldn't take her organ despite the fact we lived 2000 miles away, no one played the organ, we didn't want to play the organ, and we didn't want it in our house.

Don't let your DH bring home lots of stuff you don't want. As a matter of fact if I were you I would be done with helping on the house and your children should be done too. Go on and live your normal lives. If your DH misses dinner clearing out the house too bad. If he misses fun activities so sad. Don't let him slack off doing things around your house either. Don't assume his responsibilities. At this point he doesn't deserve a break. What your DH fails to realize that whatever the Junk Hauler costs per hour is probably a lot less then it costs your DH in gas, travel time, stress, and wear and tear on his body. My DH and I really are do it yourselfers but this year when we needed to spread three cubic yards of mulch in our yard we looked at each other and remembered what our backs felt like the last time we did that. Then we hired our friend's college aged son. Best $200 we've spent in a long time.

Plus once all the junk is removed please make your DH hire professional cleaners. Don't expose yourself to that toxic mess.