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If he can just keep the right stuff, maybe MIL will change, she will thank him for helping clean out her place, she will suddenly become a better person, etc. etc.
I think o_gal makes a very good point. Perhaps your H thinks that your MIL will turn around and say, "Ooh, you cleaned out my house for me! Oh, thank you so much! I love you so much!" and he'll finally get the maternal love he yearns for. It's going to be a real swift kick in the gut when he doesn't get it.

I also think that he doesn't want to hire a junk removal company because he knows she'll flip out. He "has to" tell her everything and he knows if he told her about the junk removal she'd flip out because how dare call her beautiful stuff "junk!" He just couldn't go ahead and do it and not tell her.

When I was a teenager, an aunt by marriage put her father in memory care when he could not longer take care of himself. He was a hoarder. He told my aunt that she had to save all of his stuff. She said, "Okay, Dad," and then hired a bunch of teenage boys for the summer to haul all the junk out of the house (it took 6 teenagers 2 1/2 months to clear out that house. God only knows how many dumpsters got filled). She knew he would never find out. She told him when the house went up for the sale and he said, "You have my stuff, right?" and she said, "Yep." Had she told him it all got trashed, he would've gone ballistic. Sometimes you just have to lie.

I hope your DH gets tired of it real quick and finally just hires a junk service and either doesn't tell her or lies to her about it.