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When my FIL died, FIL had tons of laser disc movies (you know, the predecessors to DVDs and CDs). We brought home dozens and dozens of them. About half of them stayed in the garage because they stunk of cat pee. It was disgusting. DH was adamant that we not throw them out because "they're worth something! And I can clean them!"

2 months later, he suddenly told me one day to go ahead and chuck them all in the trash. He said, "Forget it, they're ruined and you can't get that smell out of anything. I don't want to clean up any more of my father's messes. I'm done."
Kind of reminds me of a friend of mine. When her MIL died, her husband brought home a few big boxes of her junk, put them in the basement and said that he would go through it, clean it up (the stuff was covered in dust and cat hair) and then they could use it. My friend looked through the boxes a bit and told me it was all old junk. Well, those boxes sat in their basement for almost 4 years...untouched. She kept telling her H that he needed to do something about them because their basement wasn't that big and they were really getting to be a pain to get around when she had to do the laundry. He just kept saying, "Yeah, I'll get to it!"

Finally one day, she had enough and brought the boxes upstairs and placed them right outside their bedroom and told him, "You NEED to go through these. We don't have the room in the basement anymore." It took maybe 2 weeks and he got tired of tripping over them every day (their hallway is rather narrow) and he finally just picked up the boxes and put them to the curb on garbage day. She doesn't think he even went through them.