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Supposedly, they told her. But I don't think they truly told her the entire story. I know they've told her that they are cleaning out C's (her boyfriend's) things; and they've told her they are clearing out some of YBILs old things. She has questioned a couple of times about them "moving her things.." and they have tiptoed around it. I'm sure they don't want to face her anger of she finds out that her stuff is being cleared out, too. As far as selling the house, I asked DH the other day why he would even tell her that they are selling it? She isn't going back, so she will never know. Why stir up trouble where there doesn't need to be any?

I think you are all right- I just need to leave him to it and let him sort through his feelings while he sorts through the stuff. It's got to be tough on him, because it really brings home the reality that this is happening. But it's hard for me not to feel resentful because this is one more thing for his mother that is taking time and energy away from his family. If he hadn't spent all the other times doing things for her that could have easily been done by someone else, then I would be much more understanding about this situation. But again, it just one. more. thing.
I totally understand feeling angry & resentful about it. That's how I felt about DH & SIL having to sort through all of FIL's junk when he died. That's how I feel whenever we're at my MIL's house and I see half of her garage full of big plastic bins that contain knicknacks and junk that we will all have to deal with at some future date.

that's how I feel when I see MIL's linen closet in her hallway crammed full of old ugly sheets & towels which she will never use again.

that's how I feel when I see all of MIL's stupid ceramic cat figurines.

that's how I feel when I see all of MIL's indoor & outdoor potted plants.

that's how I feel when I look at the cardboard box in her garage that contains 60 yr old rusted C-clamps that used to belong to her father. She doesn't ever use them. But she refuses to get rid of them.

that's how I feel when MIL talks about how precious her dead mother's old nightgowns and underwear are to her. All I can think of is, "EEEWW! You've kept your mom's granny panties for almost 30 years?! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

I really look forward to the day that I can help my DH sell all of it in a massive garage sale and throw out the rest at the county dump.