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I am staying at my parents house with my son for the week. He is a one year old and the Light of my life, I would never want any bad influence on him, I want him surrounded by compassionate and caring people at all times.

Today, I was downstairs playing with he and his grandmother. My father was upstairs in a common area on his computer. My son needed to be changed, so I walked him up the stairs and my boots were loud so my father heard us. I heard clear as day, because the door was wide open, a belt buckle up and him quickly close the internet. He said, ďOf course. Thereís David for the diaper change.Ē And I thought to myself, oh my god, I think he was watching porn out in the open with us playing right at the bottom of the stairs. He said, ďI have to pee,Ē and he excused himself and was gone 30 minutes.

I texted my husband who was away, and he said he was 50/50. My father has a history of watching porn in the open, and my husband has seen him. Yes, I realize how creepy this is and Iíve always found t extremely upsetting. He once when I was 25 walked out of his bedroom to the area I was sleeping and had an erectiob, his underwear off, spoke to me and turned around and went back to his room. This is the extent of his bizarre sexual behavior.

But, I went to get the password for my mom on the computer, and I didnít even have to check. There was a gangbanging video open on the screen from earlier. He never even attempted to hide it.

So, he was watching this video with my one year old a staircase away. He heard me because of my boots bringing him up the stairs. What if he hadnít heard me? What if my son was a five year old and quietly had walked up alone? What if my son were 10 years old and wanted to use the computer. What if my son had seen him with his pants open and this on the screen? Where does this end?

I am honestly PISSED. And, I am too afraid to say anything. My husband will be here tomorrow, Thank God. I am here without our car, so he can meet us.

Am I overreacting thinking this man has no compassion for my son or myself? Shouldnít this behavior be cast aside while a one year old is in your home for the week? Is this normal?

Thank you so much in advance.
So what DID your mother say about his exposing himself to you? THAT is the creepiest thing. I get the feeling he wants someone to make a move to join him in some way.