I just wish she would say, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you..." But it's always, "I'm sorry, but..." The big ones I hear are:
I'm sorry, but I was in a depression on that day
I'm sorry, but you hurt me with your blog
I'm sorry, but I always give 8 pounds of candy
I'm sorry, but I want my grandkids to be spoiled

Just really tired of the drama she causes. She did irritate CP though. He said that it really bothered him when she complained that we wouldn't allow any more than 3 pieces of candy a day from Halloween, he was bothered by the blog (he was bothered that I wrote it, he was bothered that she cornered me, he was bothered that she read it, and he was bothered that she was having a fit about it after all this time-- it was YEARS ago), and finally, he was really bothered that she bragged about how much she bought. I just thank GOD we don't have a child with T1D. That would be hell with her.