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The kid's shift started at, like 3 pm. Apparently it never occurred to anyone in the family that they could eat earlier than 7 pm. Eventually MIL did say "well, I guess we *could* eat at noon, but you know I can't get up that early!" Because noon and 7 pm are the only options, I guess.
Oh, I had to laugh at that! With my mother's side of the family, meal times are 7am, 12pm and 5pm. THAT'S IT!!! There are NO other options!! (I think my mother is sole member of her side that doesn't abide by that). My mother told me that when she hosted Thanksgiving for the first time (I was not born yet), she told her parents that dinner would be at 3:00. At noon, my mother called her parents and asked them when they would be coming and my GM said, "After lunch. We're making sandwiches now." My mother said, "Lunch? I'm making a big dinner for 3pm!" and my GM said, "It's twelve o'clock. We HAVE TO have lunch!" My Mom said she had appetizers out and my GM kept saying, "But it's twelve o'clock! We HAVE TO have lunch!" My GM acted as if my Mom was asking her to break the law.