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Good for you! DD1 let her (now Ex-)MIL ruin the first TG she ever hosted. They knew the MIL was always late, so they planned dinner at 3 but told her to come at 1. She wasn't there yet at 3, so at 3:30 SonIL called her and said dinner was on the table. I encouraged DD to go ahead and serve the rest of the guests, but she said it would cause WWIII if she fed her MIL leftovers. The MIL and her mini-me DDs finally showed up at 6, FIVE HOURS after she was asked to be there. They each ate about 3 bites, complaining that the food was cold and/or dried out. (Well, duh!) The younger SIL said the "rotten food was making her sick," went into the bathroom (leaving the door open) and began to make gagging noises. They all left soon after that -- no need to stay longer than necessary once they had accomplished their mission of ruining the holiday meal.
OMG, what a bunch of drama queens! I really hate it when people are SUPER late. I'm not talking 10-15 minutes. Heck, even an hour late once in awhile is excusable given whatever the circumstances might be. "Stuff" happens sometimes that's beyond your control.

But 6 hr late?!

My FIL was notorious for this. SO notorious for it, in fact, that DH and the rest of his extended family would purposely tell FIL that the arrival time was 2 hours BEFORE it actually was and FIL would STILL show up 2-3 hours late after the REAL arrival time.

Early in our marriage, this used to bug me so much. I'd get so angry about it. DH explained to me, though, that rather than get upset every time FIL does it, just accept that he's going to be rudely late every time and carry on with the activity, event, dinner, whatever as if he wasn't going to come at all. We started doing that and never looked back. On more than 1 occasion, FIL was to have come to visit us for a weekend (this was when we were newlyweds) and the plan was to see a movie on Friday evening. I lost count the # of times that DH & I went ahead and went to the movie without FIL because FIL hadn't shown up yet. And when we got back from the movie, there was FIL sitting in his truck outside our apartment complex waiting for us at 10:00 pm...because he couldn't get his act together and show up on time.

It was never enough of an inconvenience for FIL to actually change his ways. So we continued on with life and acted like he wasn't ever going to be there. It was very liberating.