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She does it in writing and also in person. She's just an incredible rude person and when people don't do what she wants she's very happy to make nasty sarcastic comments aloud or in writing. I'm not the only one to receive this treatment from her. My aunt and uncle (married in) have received this type of activity repeatedly. SIL once approached my aunt and told her that she and her husband need to get their priorities straight. My aunt is 60 and my sil is 27...and the remark was made because my aunt and uncle had plans already on a day sil picked to celebrate her kids birthday. She was made aware that they had plans, yet followed through with this birthday regardless. She made nasty sarcastic and demeaning remarks at the actual birthday (to other family members) when they didn't show up (cuz as they said they had other plans) and then at the next gathering she confronted my aunt. Remember, this is MY aunt...so it's SIL's kids great aunt. And they are expected to be in attendance at every single thing (including every soccer game!). Not joking. This is a really enmeshed group of people.
How is your SIL with her own FOO?