According to my stepsister, my niece loved the gift and she looks pleased in the photo. And she was trying to talk to him (not quite fully talking yet, mostly just words here and there).

I think I'm going to hold off on the reading until she gets a little older. Maybe I'll do a variation of the Hallmark idea and video myself and make it a private YouTube link. And let them dictate the more interactive stuff according to what works for their schedule.

My stepsister is looking forward to reading the book to her, which I was glad to hear. My stepsister and I both love to read, so I figure this is a nice thing for them to do. And more reason to delay the reading, if that's their thing. I'll ask my stepsister if she's ok with my doing some reading too as her daughter gets older.

I was thinking of getting the same stuffed animal so we could "play" together by video, which I think would be easier and less taxing on a baby's attention span.

My nephew is college/university aged, so I found out from my step-sister-in-law what his favorite store is and I'm getting him a gift certificate there.