Salvation Army hauled away 3 big items today! YAY!
- a big plastic storage container that we had our pool stuff in
- an outdoor side table (we had 2 but only need 1)
- the cheap computer desk that never got used

Today, I'm taking 3 of our fold-up camping chairs to drop off at Goodwill, along with a bag of clothing & shoes.

I threw out:
- some coaxial cable of DH's that hasn't been used in 12 years. DH will never know it's even left the building.
- FIL's 20 yr old "Hi-8" video tape player. Yet another piece of child molester junk is out of the house forever.
- some ugly birthday wrapping paper we'll never use
- a carpenter's square which DH has used once. We don't even have any woodworking tools that DH would use this with!
- a really small computer keyboard. Too small for anyone to use comfortably. Not even worth it to donate it. it's in the trash bin now.

I've also wrapped all of the Xmas gifts I've purchased so far. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Every few days, I chip away at the pile and it gets a little bit smaller. On the side of the house, there's no more yard debris waiting to be thrown out. I put the last batch in the trash bin today.