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In addition to the lawyer and the testing, SIL should check to see if he's on a sex offender list or if he will have to register. And make sure the address is not her current address. Also, if there's been news coverage of any arrests, see if they mention the block, etc. where he lives. She may need to take extra security precautions or move. While the girl may be 18, some areas are adopting revenge porn laws, which it sounds like it may apply if the area has a law regarding that.

An acquaintance's husband was arrested for an affair with an underage high school boy, he met volunteering. Due to the boy's age, he was incapable of consent. She divorced her husband, but it made the news and he had to register on the offenders' list. While he had moved out, she was wary for awhile about vigilantes. Nothing happened along those lines, but it's something else for your SIL to consider if any of this applies.
He’s not in any list. He wouldnt be able to have the job he does if that were the case.

Shes all of her ducks lined up. Shes rather savy. Although he did manipulate her so covertly. Thats what boggles her mind the most, that she fell for his manipulations. Shes at the anger and disgust stage. Rightfully so, methinks.