Its your husband jpb to take care of u & help u take care of the children , if mil comes back &is not able to take care of herself i would be looking into a retirement home nursing home. , u &the kids come first, believe me I've read stories on other forums aging care forums. bout how draining & hard it is to move a elderly person into your home how demanding some of them can be. if shte has plenty of money she can get into a veryI'm sure they hav plenty of activities. that will keep her busyv& ppl her own age to talk too &be around you &your husband hav children. u hav to think about them first ,i wouldn't let anyone talk me into moving mil in. once u move her in then it will bharder to move her out. she probably will need nurses. care one of these days. I've heard ppl moving elderly ppl in their. home & they would regretted. it. if i got that old i would go to a retirement home. instead of worrying. my kids esp if they had children. to take care of. hope what i said helps. good luck hon.